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Why Hoop Brothers?

We are dedicated to our basketball players and their success.
Hoop Brothers is the only national recruitment service that specializes only in basketball. We are also the only recruitment service that specifically focuses on the experience of our basketball families. 

The level of support and guidance we provide our basketball families is unmatched.
We are here for our basketball players throughout the entire recruitment process to keep our players on track.

We are experts. We have been helping high school basketball players get recruited for basketball for almost a decade. Over the past decade, we’ve built strong relationships with hundreds of college coaches and our staff is filled with basketball experts from all over the country. 

    Throughout the past decade we have: 

    • Produced over 7,000 expert highlight videos for our players 
    • Built relationships with over 250 college coaches 
    • Built a network of over 250 videographers nationwide 
    • Partnered with over 300 recruiting events 
    • Built a database of every college basketball team in the nation 

    “Everything that they do is from the heart and they have their players best interest in mind. Hoop Brothers team goes above and beyond and I frequently recommend that parents and players use this service.”
    6’7 – Power Foward – NJCAA Commit (Name Removed for NCAA Regulations) “

    Meet the Team

    Sam Tarell


    Hoop Brothers all started when founder Sam Tarell wanted to give his younger brother, Tiger, the experience 

    of playing college basketball he never had. As a child, Sam moved around more times than he could count and the basketball court is one of the first places he felt a sense of home. Since he wasn’t able to continue that experience into college, he wanted to make sure his younger brother had the opportunity. 

    At age 18, Sam made it his mission to get his brother, Tiger, a scholarship for college basketball. He simply started by creating highlight videos of Tiger playing basketball which ultimately helped his brother land a college basketball scholarship. This inspired Sam to partner with events and film more basketball players to help them get the exposure they needed. 

    Little did he know a decade later he’d be leading a team of hundreds of videographers across the world. The desire to help his brother has turned into the fastest growing basketball recruiting community with over 250 colleges and thousands of high school players.

    Jessica Adams

    Vice President

    Jessica played basketball in Germany in the early 2000s and has been an integral member of Hoop Brothers leadership team since 2015. She personally manages our 

    relationships with hundreds of basketball events every year. She also maintains strong relationships with scouts, AAU coaches and college coaches all over the country. 

    Among her various responsibilities, she feels her most important one is to make sure basketball families feel 100% supported and guided throughout the entire recruitment process. Jessica is fiercely dedicated to giving our basketball families the best experience they can have. She’s assisted hundreds of families and teams through one-on-one consultations. The word “quit” is not in her vocabulary and will stop at nothing to get as many of our clients recruited.

    Stephen Brisson

    Recruiting Director

    Stephen has taken his love for basketball around the world while playing abroad in Poland and Italy. After his time abroad, he graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master’s Degree in Sports Management and Business Administration. 

    As the recruiting director at Hoop Brothers, he helps players find the best opportunities to play basketball at the college level. He does this by helping players get noticed 

    by college coaches. He provides players with detailed evaluations and constructive feedback so they can significantly improve their skill set. He helps keep players on track by making sure they are maintaining their academic eligibility and provides overall support to basketball players and their families.

    Treston Mayo

    Video Manager

    Treston grew up with a passion for basketball and played most of his life. His love for basketball led him to become a starting point guard position at the varsity level in high school. After high school, he landed a basketball scholarship for Divison 1 NAIA at Grace Univeristy. This gave him the opportunity to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business.

    After graduating, Treston pursued a career in videography. At Hoop Brothers, he gets to combine his love for basketball and videography to help basketball players achieve their dreams. He loves helping them showcase their talent in a professional way that grabs the attention of college scouts and coaches.

    As someone who has gone through the recruitment process himself, he wishes he had the same support Hoop Brothers provides. He believes it could have helped him make the most of the recruitment process and more aware of the best options for his basketball career.

    Will Benner

    Video Editor

    Will is a proud Florida gator, with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. During his time at UF, he worked in 

    the innovation news center on campus covering local sports. In addition, he was a beat reporter for the men’s basketball team and a sports anchor for WUFT Newscast. 

    His love for basketball led him to become a coach for many different programs within the National Basketball Academy and beyond. He has taken multiple teams around the state and country competing in high-level tournaments. Eventually, he returned to his former high school, Lake Mary, as the head assistant varsity coach. 

    In 2017, Will was able to blend his passions for media, creating content, and basketball, when he joined the Hoop Brothers as a Video Editor. He’s also involved in player development, scouting, and recruiting programs. 

    Publishing his own book last year is among his proudest accomplishments. His book “The World of Youth Basketball, A Parent’s Guide Through Your Child’s Journey” is a #1 Amazon best seller.

    Jared Dugan

    Lead Scout

    Jared is a soon to be graduate from University of Central Florida with a major in Economics and minor in Sports Management. Jared has demonstrated an elite level basketball IQ and has evaluated 100s of high school players. Through these in depth evaluations he has provided players clear feedback on how to develop into a strong college prospect and has projected at which division he/she can play. In doing so, has better equipped players to both further develop and to have a higher success of recruitment. Jared has an innate ability to navigate social media and to build connections with players, parents, coaches, trainers, and other competitive programs, ever expanding the Hoop Brothers community and our connections to resources for the betterment of all.

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