Christian de Leon is a 5’9 point guard prospect out of Hillsborough High School and is a part of the 2019 graduating class. He was born in Puerto Rico and actually started playing there around the age of 4. His love for the game grew even more when he came over to the states with his family. In the US there are a lot more opportunities to foster his love and passion for the game with various leagues, recreational centers and parks.

Christian had already been playing the sport for a while now, but there is one event in particular that truly inspired him to be great. One time he was playing at the park and stopped to watch the older kids. He was impressed at what they could do on the basketball court and wanted to grow up to be just like them. Aside from that, Christian feels a sense of extra motivation to succeed for his family. They have mad a lot of sacrifices to give the young man an opportunity to achieve his dreams and he just wants to be able to give them a better life. His father has done so much for Christian so his main goal is to make him proud.

The only challenge he has faced so far did not even involve basketball. It had to do with his transition from living in Puerto Rico to living in the US. It was a tough adjustment at first to come to a completely new country at such a young age. It was not only hard for Christian, but it was a struggle for his family as well. He wants to do whatever he can to be able to make enough money to provide for his family.

Basketball means everything to Christian and he calls it “his passion.” The game also helped ease the transition to the US because it gave him an opportunity to meet new people and make friends easier. Basketball is so much more than a game to the guard.

On the court Christian brings positive energy to his team. When things are going bad, he usually steps up to try and get his team going by increasing his effort level. When his teammates see him putting forth the extra effort and playing with a lot of energy, it helps energize them and makes them want to follow suit.

Moving forward, he would like to use basketball to get a scholarship to attend college. He doesn’t really care what division he plays in, as long as he gets to continue playing the sport he loves for as long as he can, while getting a free education in the process. In college he would like to earn his degree so he can find a job and start helping his family right away.  

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