College Connections

Get connected with college coaches nationwide without having to attend events.

Building connections with college coaches is one of the most important factors in getting recruited for college.

Even if you have the talent and a great video, you won’t get anywhere without the right connections.

It’s impossible for coaches to recruit you if they don’t know who you are. That’s why it’s important to reach out to coaches and start building relationships with them.

 We understand that collecting all the contact info you need can be intimidating and time consuming.

That’s why we keep the process simple with access to our comprehensive
to make your own connections
(only $150 one time payment),
(only $250/month)
where we build connections for you.

College Coach Database

The college coach database package lists every single college coach in the country along with their contact info. We have the information on 2,000+ colleges so you can contact any coach you want nationwide. It took us hundreds of hours to create and is updated annually.

BONUS: We provide you with Phone Templates and Email Templates so you know exactly what to say when you are reaching out to college coaches. (an additional $250 value).

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Don’t have enough time? Hand the whole recruitment process over to our experts

If you’d like to bypass sending emails and making calls, Hoop Brothers offers a full recruitment service where we handle the whole process for you. 

Full Service Recruitment Package

Let our Team of Experts do the work for you

Simplify the process even more with our full service recruitment package. Through this package, you’ll be connected with your own personal recruitment director. Your recruiting director will make the connections by emailing and calling college coaches for you. They will also keep you updated on the recruitment process through monthly calls and emails.

The recruitment process can take a lot of time to figure out on your own and it can feel overwhelming.

Our recruitment directors will make you feel supported every step of the way. You’ll feel confident that you are taking the right steps towards your college basketball career.

“Hoop Brothers really put the time into getting to know my son in detail before sending his information out to college coaches. I like that they didn’t just send his information to any school and that they actually took the time to start conversations with coaches that they knew would have interest. Working with Hoop Brothers and seeing the interest that we’re already getting from college coaches has given myself and my son a lot of confidence.” – 6’2 Shooting Guard – Current User (Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)


We were pretty hesitant to use a recruiting service but we’re glad that we went forward with Hoop Brothers. The thing that we found the most valuable was that Hoop Brothers team sent out information to college coaches on our behalf.“


We had been sending emails on our own to coaches and it took us hours to target just a couple schools and we weren’t getting any responses. When Hoop Brothers took over that process for us it took all the stress off our shoulders because we didn’t have to put all the time into it.


“I liked that they didn’t just mass message every college coach but that they specifically targeted schools for my son. They made the process extremely easy and I’m glad we decided to use this service.” – 5’10 Point Guard – NCAA 3 Commit (Names Removed for NCAA Regulations) 

Build real interest from college coaches

We’ve already helped over 7,000 students with this process. 85% of our students who have used this service for 3 months have gotten recruited.

Our recruitment directors already have established relationships with over 250 coaches. Because of the trust built through these relationships, they can quickly open doors for you that would be difficult to open on your own.

The full-service recruitment package is $250 a month. But if it could save you thousands of dollars in tuition, wouldn’t it be worth it?


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College Connections

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