Dominick Anderson is a 6’1 point guard prospect out of Texas and is a member of the class of 2020. He didn’t actually start playing basketball competitively until he made his middle school basketball team in the 8th grade. Dom claims, “I knew immediately I wanted to be the best basketball player I could be, so I immersed myself and taught myself everything I could.”

All of his friends on the team started playing when they were younger and knew how to play the game, whereas Dominick still had to learn how to play on a team. There was a steep learning curve when he first started, but he stuck with it and persisted until he improved. Since then Dominick has done a lot to expand his knowledge of the game, “I currently study the game and players across my area, region and the country.  I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge since then about the game in a relatively short amount of time.”

The main thing pushing Dominick is to see how far he has progressed already, and the prospect of being able to get even better. He does not want to settle until he is the best basketball player he can be. According to him, his passion for the game stems from the love he has for basketball. He loves how fast paced and challenging the game can be and excels in these situations.

Everyone has people saying they can’t make it, or they aren’t good enough; if you don’t, then you aren’t doing things right. Dominick is no different. There have been a number of people that have tried to discourage him, but he will not relent on becoming a great player. Dominick has an interesting take on what basketball means to him: “the game of basketball means to me that if you work hard at something you love and put your full focus on and block out all the disbelievers, you can and will achieve your dreams.” It’s important to stay focused on your goals and not worry what other people have to say, as long as you’re happy.

Dominick’s goals for this year are to continue to improve and expand his game with the help of his AAU coach, Luke Condill, and Trey Mobley, his trainer. He claims that the hard work has already paid off and he can start to see the development he has made in his game. As well as being a great player, Anderson is also a great student and would like to compete for a National Merit Scholarship. His goal by the time he graduates is to be in line for an athletic and academic scholarship from whichever program he ultimately chooses. We certainly wish him the best of luck on his venture into the basketball world.

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