Donovan Yap is a 6’4 combo guard out of Arbor View High School and is a member of the 2020 recruiting class. He was born to play basketball; his first word was even “ball.” He started playing competitively as soon as he could, by the age of 3.

Donovan is a passionate player and it is evident once he steps foot on the floor. His passion comes from seeing what his mom has to go through and how hard she works to give Donovan the opportunity to chase his dreams. This motivates him to play even harder because he wants to succeed so he can pay her back for the sacrifices she made for him.

In his career, Donovan has not yet faced any challenges from anyone or anything but himself. He is constantly challenging himself to “work hard and push through even when I’m tired.” His goal is to be great so he pushes himself to get better everyday. This is a great mentality to have as a young baller and shows his maturity level.

“Basketball is my life. It’s something I can just got to and relax my mind.” Donovan uses basketball as a stress reliever and a way for him to clear his mind when he’s dealing with an issue. He can just pick up a ball and ease his mind while also getting better in the process.

Donovan brings an array of skills to a team, but the two he feels most vital to his game are his high IQ and playmaking ability. These two go hand in hand as he is able to determine whether to attack and look to score or drive and kick it out to his open shooters. It is important to have someone who can make plays for himself and others, especially from the guard position; the fact that he is able to make the right plays and correct reads add to this ability and makes it that much more lethal.

His goals moving forward are to not only play in the NBA someday, but he wants to take the league by storm and become one of its most popular players. He wants people to remember the name: Donovan Yap. First he wants to get a scholarship to play Division 1 and earn a business degree as a fallback option.

His dreams have always been to play basketball for living. We hope he is able to combine his skills and determination and turn turn them into a long, prosperous basketball career.

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