Elliott Brooks is a 6’3 guard prospect from the 2019 recruiting class and goes to Faith Prep Academy. He started playing basketball at daycare with his friends and really enjoyed playing the game. When his dad got a membership at the local YMCA, he heard about the youth basketball program they offered. This piqued his son’s interest, so he happily signed Elliott up and “ever since, the ball has not stopped bouncing.”

His father who, seeking the best for his son, always gives that “extra motivation and push” Elliott needs to reach his potential. Aside from his father, Brooks’ youth AAU coach, Kenny Thomas helped inspire his passion for the game as well. He was the first coach that realized Elliott’s potential and motivated to keep working on his craft.

When asked if he has faced any challenges throughout his playing career, Elliott responded with, “man, I’ve been through it all.” All his life he feels like he’s been underestimated. People have told him he’s not good enough and sadly, Elliott started to believe them when he got cut from his varsity team and was forced to play JV. Luckily, there were people in his life that saw his potential and motivated him to prove his doubters wrong.

These events only helped Elliott in the long run. They humbled him and showed him that in order to reach his goals, he’s going to have to work even harder. This forced him to “push himself to the limit” when he’s training to reach a new level on his path to meeting his full potential.

Basketball means a lot to him and the game “has molded me into the man I am today.” The showed him how to be humble, hard working and hungry. These are important qualities to be looking for in a prospect. Along with these intangible skills, Elliott offers his facilitating and ability to make big shots for his team. He is a team first player who is always looking to get his team good looks; he is the type of player to turn down a good shot for a great one. Also, when the game is on the line, Elliott knows he can deliver the big shot when his team needs it most. Elliott has the makings to become a great player, he just needs to put in the work to reach his full potential.

Moving forward, he just wants to be able to use basketball to go to college for free. He knows how hard it is to play in the NBA and wants to get his business degree in hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is encouraging to see a young man who wants to use basketball to further his education. A lot of young players can learn a lot from Elliott.

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