Javari Williams is a 6’0 guard prospect out of the class of 2021 who currently attends Huntington High School. He always liked playing the game for fun but wanted more. He decided to try out for his middle school team when he was in 8th grade. He made the team and this is when his basketball career officially took off.

His mom has obviously played a huge role in Javari’s development but he also cites her as his inspiration to play the game. She has always been very supportive of Javari and his dreams and he feels that his passion for the game of basketball stems from her love and support. He would not be the man or player he is today without his mother’s guidance.

Javari is a very talented athlete who loves to play sports. Since middle school, though, basketball has always stood out above the rest and he wants the game to play a large part in his future. He loves the competition involved in basketball as it fuels his competitive fire.

On the court, Javari brings a lot to the table. He compares his game to that of Lance Stephenson because, “in his game, you can find a little bit of everything.” Javari also claims the biggest thing he brings to any team is energy. Lance Stephenson is a good comparison to Javari because he plays with a lot of energy and with a high level of intensity, helping give him an edge over his opponents.

Moving forward, Javari’s goals revolve around basketball. He wants to be awarded a scholarship to play at either LSU or UCLA because he wants to experience the atmosphere of a large D-1 campus while also being put in a position to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA. While in school, he wants to major in business and graduate before pursuing his NBA dream.

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