John David Harrell is a 5’10 point guard out of the class of 2021 and is currently attending Jasper High School. The game always fascinated him as a young boy and he started playing at a very young age. Due to his interest in basketball, his parents placed him in the local recreational league and his love for the game has been growing ever since.

The factor that ignites his passion for the game is accomplishing his lifelong dream of playing college basketball. He wants to succeed and prove to himself and everyone that all his hard work was worth it. John seems extremely determined to make his dreams become a reality.

One challenge John has faced throughout his entire playing career is constantly being the smallest guy on the court. This forces him to raise his level of intensity and out hustle the competition. He does not want to let his size get in the way of pursuing his dreams, so he tries to find ways to impact the game despite his stature. He more than makes up for his height by consistently being the hardest worker on the floor at all times.

Basketball is “a big part of my life.” John dedicates a good amount of his free time, perfecting his craft. Basketball has taught him a few valuable lessons: hard work, leadership and determination. These traits not only help his basketball success, they also make him a more well rounded individual.

On the court, John brings a lot to the table. His effort level on both sides of the ball are extremely vital to his team’s success because it pushes his teammates to play with an equal level of intensity. His playmaking ability also helps create looks for himself and others. As a point guard, these are very important qualities that help contribute to the success of he and his teammates.

In the future, John is determined to accomplish his goal of playing college basketball. After his playing career is over, he would like to become an anesthesiologist. He is committed to pursuing his dream of playing college basketball and will do whatever it takes to make that a reality.

How determined are you to accomplish your dreams?

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