Jordyn Kee is a 5’10 combo guard who attends Nova Middle School in Davie, Florida and doesn’t graduate high school until 2024. He is the youngest of three sons who all played basketball, one even played at Temple University, and his father also played in college and professionally overseas. According to Jordyn, “the game of basketball was in my bloodline, I was born into it.” This has helped him along his journey because he has people he can look up to and seek guidance from whenever he is struggling with something.

Growing up as the youngest in a family who all played basketball, Jordyn was constantly playing with older kids. Since he was always the youngest on his team, he had to wait his turn and sat on the bench more than he would have liked. This helped inspire his passion for the game because he wanted to show what he could do. Whenever he stepped on the court he would play with a chip on his shoulder, giving him an edge over his competitors. He wants to be the best player on the floor at all times and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

In his development as a player, one thing Jordyn struggled with was when the defense would focus solely on him. They would come at him with a box in one and throw double teams at him to slow him down, so his dad showed him film on how to get open and move without the ball to get good looks. This helped him overcome these challenges and made the game easier for him.

Basketball means absolutely everything to Jordyn. It has given him the opportunity to travel the country, competing against national competition while making memories and playing the game he loves along the way. He loves the competition involved in the sport and just enjoys working on his game.

Jordyn is a very talented player with a diverse skill set and can bring a lot to any team he’s on. Having grown up in a family full of individuals with different backgrounds in the sport, Jordyn’s basketball IQ extends far beyond his years. He has been engulfed by the game since he was born and, on the court, he offers leadership, experience and a will to win.  

Having his father, a former professional, train him has helped him with everything he has faced in his career so far. There is not a lot that Jordyn has not been exposed to, in terms of basketball, as his father is working with him every day on his quest to, “become a complete, all around player.” He knows that he cannot get too complacent because there are other players working just as hard, “I never get too comfortable and always strive to be the best.”

Jordyn’s future goals involve getting a scholarship to play at a high major D-1 university, getting his degree and fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA. He also wants to end high school with straight A’s, a goal set for him by his parents. They always tell him, “one day the ball will stop bouncing, so you need something to fall back on.” Once the ball does stop bouncing and his basketball career is over, Jordyn would like to open up his own business with the mission to help others. It seems as though he has a good head on his shoulders, as well as a strong support system helping him along the way. Let’s hope he is able to accomplish his goals and we wish him the best.

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