Kentrell Hall is a 6’4 forward out of Lancaster High School. He can play both the three and the four and will graduate in 2020. He started playing basketball at a young age, mainly due to his father. He used to play back in the day, so it sparked his interest in the game.

Aside from his father, Kentrell draws inspirations from Carmelo Anthony. Hall has always been a huge fan or Carmelo and tries to model his game after him. He’s inspired by Melo’s commitment to the game and what he has done for the game of basketball.

One thing Kentrell struggled with off the court was going through an attitude adjustment. He would act lazy and have a bad attitude in certain situations; even he knew he, “had to fix my attitude.” Once he became more serious about the game, basketball helped him deal with this challenge. He became a hard worker and more disciplined because he wanted to become the best basketball player he can be. Once he was able to dunk, he started to take his anger out on the rim and became a more aggressive scorer overall.

Kentrell turned what used to be his short temper into passion and aggressiveness on the court. This brings a level of excitement to him and his teammates that gives them an edge over their opponents. These are two important qualities to have in a prospect. Teams are always looking for players who can give their team a jolt of energy in any situation.

“The game of basketball means the world to me; I love it more than anything.” It is the only thing he has ever wanted to do in life. His goals moving forward are to play in college. His dreams are to play the game he loves professionally. Before all that, though, he would like to finish high school and then go to get his college degree.

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