Marcus Millien is a combo guard standing at 6’1 out of Bishop Moore Catholic High School and graduated this past year. “I first picked up a basketball at the age of 5, and instantly fell in love with everything the game had to offer.” His mom encouraged him to try out every sport, from swimming to baseball, to see which one he enjoyed playing the most. Soccer and basketball always stook out, but he ultimately chose basketball as he was consistently the best player on the court.

The biggest factor pushing Marcus to be great, “is proving everyone who said I couldn’t do it wrong. That is where my passion, drive and dedication comes from.” His goal is to do what is necessary to be the best player every time he steps on the court and to prove the people who doubted his abilities wrong. Aside from proving those who doubted him wrong, Marcus is inspired by what his mom has gone through to give him the life he’s had. She was a single mother and was forced to raise two children. She did everything she could to allow her children the opportunity to pursue a Catholic school education. Marcus is extremely grateful for all of her hard work and wants to be able to provide her a stress-free life in the future.

Being raised by a single mother who had to work a majority of the time, Marcus didn’t necessarily have the same opportunities everyone else did. He also wasn’t able to play for the best AAU teams or have the best trainers because he couldn’t get a ride or it was too expensive. “This never stopped me, it strengthened me.” This only made Marcus want it that much more. He became more dedicated and relentless in his pursuit of his dreams.

Basketball allowed him to “escape the harsh realities of his life” and just have fun playing the game he loves. The game means everything to Marcus as it has taught him some valuable life lessons as well as help him pay for college, by way of scholarship. The game has taught him how to work well in a team, to always work hard, and remain disciplined. “Basketball is an amazing game that will work wonders for many and has opened multiple doors for myself.”

Marcus brings some invaluable traits to his team like his: “uplifting spirit, and his supportive, positive attitude.” These traits help give him teammates confidence, allowing them to play at a higher level. Aside from that, although he is a bit short for an ideal guard prospect, his athleticism more than makes up for it. His athletic ability allows him to rebound well for a guard, play above the rim, defend and run the break. These are very important traits to have out of your backcourt.

Although he received a scholarship to play in college, Marcus still wants to make the transition over to Division 1 and, eventually, the NBA. More than anything though, he would like to awarded the opportunity to represent Haiti by playing for their national team and “show the world what Haitians can do.” Outside of basketball, though, he would love to help people by becoming either a neurosurgeon or a physical therapist. Regardless of what career path he chooses, he would just like to be successful and positively impact lives along the way. He seems like a great kid who has a great head on his shoulder and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

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