Marcus Moultrie is a 6’5 shooting guard that graduated this past year, 2018, from North Charter High School. He started playing the game when he was just 4 years old. His father saw how much Marcus enjoyed playing the game, so he encouraged him to continue playing.

Marcus has a great support system in place. He has a lot of people rooting for him to succeed. These people help inspire Marcus to continue “to consistently get better and play harder than the competition.”

On the court, there have been some instances where Marcus did not receive the amount of playing time he deserved. This situation “motivated him to focus on getting better and giving it his all on the court.” Off the court, the young man has dealt with the loss of some people close to him. Dealing with this showed him that he needs to take advantage of every opportunity he has because not everyday is a guarantee. He now plays every game like its his last, giving him an edge over his opponents.

Basketball means everything to Marcus because it represents his future. Not only does he want to someday play professionally, but he was awarded with a scholarship to continue his education in college for free.

On the court, on top of providing prototypical size for a 2 guard, Marcus brings a lot to the table. Most notable are his confidence and winning attitude. His confidence carries over to his teammates because he plays with the mindset that he and his team can compete with anyone. His winning attitude is evident in any tense situation because he always plays with that extra edge. These qualities help make Marcus a great prospect capable of making a positive impact for any program.

Marcus’ end goal is to become a successful professional basketball player, either in the NBA or overseas. While in college, he would like to graduate on time and pursue his real estate license so he can have a “side hustle” during the offseason. Once his playing career is over, he would like to make the transition  from the court to the broadcast booth and become a sports analyst. It appears he has his future mapped out, we hope he is able to make it all come to fruition.

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