Nick Lowery is a 5’10 shooting guard from the 2022 graduating class out of Oakleaf High School. He had always been interested in the game from a very young age and started playing competitively in the fourth grade. His love and passion for the game has grown ever since.

His competitive spirit and will to win inspire his passion for the game of basketball. “I love to win and improve as a player and work hard.” It’s a rewarding feeling to put in hours of work on your game and actually see the results on the court. He’s on a quest to reach his full potential, and that will not happen without putting in the hard work necessary.

One challenge he faced earlier in his career was when opposing teams would game plan around keeping him in check. This used to limit him because he would require a lot of attention from the defenders. However, dealing with this challenge taught him how to be confident in his abilities because it’s almost an honor that other teams thought so highly of his skill set.

On top of being a game that allows him to go out and compete while having fun, basketball also became Nick’s first love at an early age. The two guard is determined to make the game a part of his future because is something he truly enjoys doing. He has put in a lot of hard work to improve as a player, and this work ethic has carried over to other aspects of his life, making him a well rounded student-athlete.

Nick is a valuable asset to any team he is on. The two main qualities he brings to the court is consistent energy and his shooting stroke. He is a lights out shooter who gives it his all every time he takes the court. These two skills will carry over with him to the next level, making him a commodity for almost any program.

Moving forward, he still has a couple of years left in high school, but his dream is to play basketball at Duke University. He is a huge fan of their program and they have numerous alumni now in the NBA, which doesn’t hurt. In college, he would like to study business management and once he graduates, he wants to open up his own business. He’s still young and has a lot of time to hone his craft, but he seems determined to succeed.

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