Quron Zene is a 6’4 shooting guard prospect out of The Master’s School and is a member of the 2021 recruiting class. It took awhile for him to start taking the game seriously as he started out just playing with his friends at the park. It wasn’t until one of his teachers, Mr. Bullock, encouraged him to try out for the local league. When he made the team, his coach, George Curry noticed the potential he had and started training with him overtime to help him improve. Quron states, “that is when I started to love the process and wanted to take the game seriously.” If it weren’t for the help and guidance of these two, he would not be nearly the player he is today.

When he was younger, Quron was at his uncle’s house and noticed a picture of, who he later found out was, Michael Jordan. His uncle told him MJ was the best player of all time, so Zene became interested in learning more. When he looked Jordan up and read more about him, it inspired him to do whatever it takes to be the best. He feels his passion and love for the game stems from striving to “be like Mike.”

As he got older, people started to catch up to him in height, so he was forced to transition to a guard. This represented one of the main challenges Quron has dealt with in his career, but it has only helped him expand his game. Becoming a guard requires a high IQ to make quick decisions as well as being able to handle the ball. Like everything, it took time to develop these skills, but the more he trained, the smoother it became.

Quron has put in countless hours to get to the level he is at today and he’s had to sacrifice a lot. He’s determined, however, to do whatever it takes to accomplish his dreams. In his development, he started to notice, “the higher the level of the game, the harder you have to train and the more time you have to put in.” He loves getting in the gym, working on his game and lives by this Kobe Bryant quote: “it might look like hard work from the outside world, but it was never hard work to me.” He is determined to become an elite player, no matter what it takes.

“Basketball is my world, basketball is my salvation and my peace.” Basketball is so much more than a game to Quron and he feels he owes his life to the game for everything it has given him. The game is a huge part of him and “gives him the love he was missing from other people” in his life. Quron shares a strong bond with the game and everything it has done for him; he is determined to make it a part of his future.

His future goals, in terms of basketball, are to get noticed as a top 10 player in the country and to win a NEPSAC (New England Preparatory School Athletic Council) Championship. He feels that if he is able to accomplish these two goals, it will put him in a great position to play in college. Moving forward, he wants to use basketball to become a better person. He knows there is a lot you can learn from the game that applies to everyday life and will help you in the future.

It seems he has all the tools and work ethic necessary to become one of the top players in the country. Let’s hope he can combine these to accomplish his dreams of playing basketball professionally; we wish him the best.  

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