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We know statistically, it is tough to make it to college and even tougher to play pro. However, the love that Ramkel has for basketball is a lot stronger than some numbers. Ramkel is focused and is extremely strong-minded to achieve his goal of playing at the next level.

Ramkel Simon Wal, class of 2019, was born in Africa and moved to Canada because of the civil war that took place in Sudan.

In the sixth grade, Ramkel understood that the more work he put in, the more he gets out. This is when he started to take basketball seriously and work extremely hard on his game.

As a 6’5 combo guard, Ramkel knows he has a big chance of helping his family through basketball. “I know I can change my life and my families with Spaulding,” he said. This is why he is inspired to work hard, so he can give his family a better life.

If you are eager to overcome a statistic then you have to do more than the majority. Luckily, Ramkel has a coach that is always pushing him outside his comfort zone. Coach Michael Woodbury and John Elliot is a big reason why Ramkel is seeing success. Coach Woodbury would never tell Ramkel what he wants to hear, but instead, he told Ramkel what he needs to hear. As for John, he gave Ramkel a place to work on his school work and he helped Ramkel stay off the streets. 

A lot of people see the numbers and are intimidated by them. Not Ramkel, he is fighting the statistic and is eager to prove to the numbers that he is one of the few that will make it all the way.





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