The determination to keep working on perfecting your craft on the court is not easy to follow day by day. But for Sedrick Altman, his want and determination to become the best player on the court is what inspires his passion for the game of basketball. The 6’3 senior point guard from Colony High School picked up a basketball when he was 11 years old, and wanted to challenge himself to play two sports in order to get bigger and better in any way he could. This decision to take on basketball along with Sedrick’s first choice, football, would soon lead him to fall in love with the game and lead him to want to be the best he could.

Sedrick has dealt with challenges both on and off the court, but has learned from these and continues to use them as inspiration for his game.  Being the point guard of his team and basically the leader while on the floor, Sedrick has to find teammates for open shots and create opportunities not only for them, but also himself. Because of this, he has improved on his jump shot from all areas of the floor and still continues to perfect his form.

Off of the court Sedrick has had to deal with the hardest time in a child’s life, with the passing of his uncle and grandfather. But instead of taking it too hard, he used this challenge as inspiration and continues to use it as a strong point in his game. When describing how he changed this tragedy into a positive point, Sedrick went onto say, “my play acts as an outlet of happiness for my loved ones.” Sedrick has not only been through tough times in his past, but has learned and grown from them; allowing him to become an even better player on the court.

This leadership shows in Sedrick’s attitude especially, like when he was asked what he brings to the game, “I bring heart and determination, leadership. This helps my basketball success because I will never let anyone outwork me while in between those four lines.” His willingness to leave out his type of play in this response and instead look at the intangibles of how he betters his team, describing his style of leadership and especially what kind of teammate he is. This attitude shows on the court, but also off of it. In the future, Sedrick hopes to become the first member of his family to graduate with a degree from college and to do it while playing the game he loves, basketball.

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