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Hoop Sisters Recruiting Service

We’re happy to announce that we are now working with girls basketball nationwide! We have perfected recruiting for boys basketball and we’re now applying the same process to girls recruiting. With hundreds of established relationships at the college level, and dozens of phone calls with coaches every day, we have the tools necessary for you gain the exposure you need to play in college!

How do I know if I’m getting recruited? 
Chances are if you’re asking that question then you aren’t getting recruited. College coaches are actively texting, calling and emailing players that they are interested in. If you aren’t receiving those type of interactions then that means college coaches either don’t know who you are, or they do but they aren’t that interested. Either way, if you’re hoping to play in college then you have a problem. 

The key to getting recruited is building direct relationships with college coaches. It’s all about who you know. So put yourself in a position to know the right people! We work with over 250 college coaches nationwide. Get started today and be directly represented to college coaches immediately. You will sell yourself short of your true potential if you don’t put your full effort into gaining exposure. 

Recruiting Made Simple

Recruiting Essentials 

Hoop Brothers process is simple. For $240/month we directly connect players to college coaches. Unlike other services we don’t mass message or spam college coaches. We directly target college coaches that we have established relationships with and send them players that we feel will be a great fit for their program. Our targeting is based on the player’s talent, their personal goals and what college coaches are asking us for. We copy our clients on every email we send and give them a full monthly report of all the feedback we received that month. This service is month to month and can be cancelled at any time. 

How to Get Started

Click the link below to get started right away! The first step of the process will be a vision call with one of our recruiting specialists to learn more about you, answer all your recruiting questions and create a customized recruiting plan for you. Our recruiting specialist will hold your hand through the process and get you started on your profile right away. 


1. Vision Call


About You


Recruiting Overview


Create Exposure Plan 

2. Online Profile


250 Colleges Have Access


Add Highlight Video


Search Our College Database


Continual Support

Our families don’t go through this process alone! We provide continual attentive-support not just on signing day, but throughout the year. Every family we work with knows that they are cared about and supported as people. Our college recruiters keep up with your season and check in frequently to help manage all the ups and downs of this process. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in college! Get started today.