Tauris Watson is a 6’1 shooting guard from the 2020 recruiting class out of White Knoll High School. He has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember. Before he could even walk, his parents installed a little basketball hoop in his crib with a ball that, “my parents said I’d play with all the time.” Some could say he was born to play the game.

His father is the main figure who inspires Tauris’ passion for basketball. Whenever he and his family visit his father’s hometown, people always mention how great his father used to be back in high school. His play eventually led him to play college basketball. Now, Tauris is determined to become even better than his father was and play at the Division 1 level.

Tauris has always been a great player, however, it was time for him to step up and become “the guy.” This was not an easy transition at first as he struggled to find the confidence to step into that type of role. As the years have gone by though, Tauris has become much more confident in his game as he continues training to become the best player he can be. This confidence has helped “mold him into the player he is today.” Now, every time he steps on the court His goal is dominate the game any way he can.

His father has helped guide him through his hoop journey and has shown him that he should have “100 percent confidence in yourself in everything you do and the mindset that you can do anything better than anyone.” It is helpful to have someone who has been through this process before to provide guidance in certain situations.

“Some people say basketball is just a game, but it’s just more than that to me; It’s a lifestyle.” Basketball is Tauris’ life. Everything he does revolves around the game. He is determined to make it a part of his future.

When asked what unique skill he brings to his team, he responded with, “playmaking.” His ability to blow by his defender and make plays around the rim opens up the floor for his teammates. This forces the defense to help off his his teammates leaving them wide open for easy shots.

Tauris’ goals for his basketball career include playing in the NBA and at the Division 1 level, but before that, he would also like to win a state championship, become All-State, and win Regional Player of the Year, as well as, Mr. Basketball. It appears his struggles with confidence are well in the past as he set some pretty lofty goals for himself. However, this confidence, accompanied by his skillset and determination will help him reach whatever goals he establishes for himself.

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